Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

All events booked by other parties for Elaine Mackle/ Sonic Wellness Inc.?Tibetan Tones are paid for in full on the day of the event prior to starting event.


All event tickets bought and cancelled less than 24 hours will loose their fee but recieve full credit toward singing bowl or accessories.


All events booked by Sonic Wellness,Inc./ Elaine Mackle/ Tibetan Tones, payment for space will be made by space owner on or before day of the event upon arrival prior to start of event.

Sonic Wellness,Inc. /Elaine Mackle reserves the right to cancel an event if promoter or event holder changes the agreed to terms for ticket sales and enrollment to and Elaine Mackle/ Sonic Wellness Event.  This includes terms stated to by text, email. 

Sonic Wellness Inc./ Elaine Mackle reserves the right to cancel an event if any promoter or event holder collects money for tickets to a Sonic Wellness Inc./ Elaine Mackle event  for refusal to pay Sonic Wellness Inc./Elaine Mackle on the day of event prior to the event opens.  All tickets must be refunded to ticket holders by promoter or event holder . 

Sonic Wellness,Inc.Elaine Mackle will not be responsible for any funds collected by an outside event holders or promoter unless paid in full prior to class.



1. The TibetanTones singing bowls must be purchased in order to be certified.

2. We do not support this method with other ordinary brass singing bowls.

3. The TibetanTones 3-7 bowl sets are specifically designed and tuned for predictable outcome.

4. The certificate does not guarantee being on the website.

Students must have proof of 30 hours of practical work and reviews from clients. 5. This certification is encouraged for licensed yoga instructors, professional therapists and physicians and anyone with genuine desire to help others through sound vibration.