Sight, Smell , Sound, Vibrational waves



Sleep deprivation causes the entire endocrine system to be out of balance.  SAT  activates  vagal tone. 

Cigarette detox

Cigarette detox

SAT alleviates the anxiety of cigarette detox .


Male menopause

Male menopause must be investigated and treated to balance the endocrine systems in men beginning as early as age 35. 

SAT is a multi harmonic approach to auricular therapy.

Tibetan singing bowls

Vibrational Sound waves rolling Over the metallic pins activate the most sensitive act points on the body. 

Anatomical embryo image

Ear reflexology

As we form from gut in womb our ears are a direct connection and system of our entire body .

Superior Conchs


This area is connected to our Yang organs

Sonic Auricular Therapy for detox

Triangular Fossa

Ear Seed therapy. SONIC Auricular Therapy

Triangular fossa area . This is zone of constipation

Men’s points


Make menopause known as andropause. Testosterone levels go down.



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Auricular vagus Nerve Connection

Vagus nerve

Highest points of VAGAL sensitivity is in the ear points.

Follow the spine in your ear


Follow the  vertebrae  of your spine along your ear.

Tibetan Tones singing bowls

Sound therapy

SONIC Auricular  Therapy  is part of the Tibetan Tones series of vibratory sound therapies developed at the Sonic Wellness Institute. 

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