Sound Therapy Training

FEB. 11, 2017. Valentine Love Bath

It is very important to us that our new series of singing bowls are in trained hands and being used in the therapeutic community. We hope to create a growing team of Sound Vibration Practitioners and hear all the feed back from their integration of SVP in their lives. The passing of Dr. Mitch Gaynor, was a great loss to the field of oncology and the world of health and healing. I hope all my students will achieve even more positive results and record them."



sound vibration certification, email for more info.

Hands on training in using specific set of pure alloy bell metal therapy bowls designed by Tibetan Tones in a pre-described manner to provide a predictable outcome such as various affects of relaxation and meditation. Learn how to become a part of this amazing ancient shamanic practice in bringing it to the present day therapy practice.

Unique workshop to address individual desired out come. Medical professionals and teachers welcome as well as yoga instructors, aromatherapists, reiki Masters and all Sound yogi's.

Private trainings available. Video class available. Schools.

Learn how to incorporate the therapy bowls into your practice to refine you outcome with clients.

This class is for any professional therapist who has an interest to bring sound vibration therapy into their existing therapy practice.

Social workers and psychotherapists have notable success with using this practice.

This is what SOUND practioners do. RAISE THEIR VIBRATION and become a better practitioners.

see CLASSES for schedule.

All professional licensed therapists, and physicians who finish the course, with purchase of a TibetanTones® 5 pc. set will receive a certification from the Tibetan Tones®.