Our mission- sound vibration trainings

Our Mission: Sound Vibration Training w/ therapy grade singing bowls

Our mission is to properly introduce and educate all people in the power of transformation through sound vibration therapy . We are offering classes in small groups for professional massage therapists and physicians to learn how to integrate these specially designed singing bowls into their existing practice.

We offer trainings for yoga teachers or anyone who wishes to become a Sound Yogi. We also supply all yoga studios with instruments for facilitating sound yoga.

Sound Yoga Transformation
We also would like to introduce to any yoga teachers how to properly hold a sound yoga class designed by Manan Sharma with his newly engineered Prana-yama series singing bowls , specially designed GONGS for yoga studios and meditation class.

Our mission is to prove that anyone can transform through sound vibration when used correctly. We welcome all physicians, other sound healers, all types of therapists and families to experience this first hand.

Our commitment is to all those who are living with chronic illness in their families. Transformation is here and the new prescription is SOUND.

"The medicine of the future will be SOUND" Edgar Cayce

The past becomes the present and the future is NOW.