Elaine Mackle – TibetanToneTransformations

Elaine Mackle - Tibetan Tones Transformations

Elaine is the founder of TibetanTones Transformations, Sonic Wellness Institute and is Sound Yoga Consultant. She is a practicing Intern at NYCTCM acupuncture clinic where she combines her TibetanTones series of sound healing with acupuncture.

Elaine has been a consultant in yoga studios, meditation and healing centers and has been a certified yoga instructor since 2001.

The Tibetan Tones Studio Program is directed by Elaine where sets up each studio on individual basis and provides instruments and training at the right affordable prices.

Elaine has studied Ayurveda medicine, Nada yoga and Sound Vibration Therapy in India and US , has 30 yrs practice in yoga and formal zazen meditation and holds trainings at Sonic Wellness Institute on Long Island.
She dedicates her life to the relief from suffering of all beings. Elaine is an extraordinary and gifted person with a life time of experience in living through the heart. And can be reached for private and group sessions . Tibetantones@gmail.com

If you are interested in bringing the next level of classes to your studio with sound vibration therapy write to Elaine@angelheart.com

please go to new site tibetantones.com


Sonic Wellness Center – 351 LARKFIELD RD. E. NORTHPORT, NY 11731

Tibetan tones singing bowls available at NY largest supplier of Singing bowls & Gongs

Who Benifits from sound vibration therapy

In my own practice the people with IBS, Chrones, Lymes, Fibromyalgia, ADD, Depression, Parkinson's, anxiety, and of course children have all benifited from coming for sound vibration treatments.  These people all suffer from the same common thread. It is a disconnection with their core self and I can tell you they are truly suffering. No one understands what they are going through.

Doctors are too often forced to write prescriptions for patients because there is a limit to any new ways of building up patients spirits enough to over come trauma by relaxing the nervous system, digestive system and releasing obstruction of blood flow to all injured areas. Teaching sound meditation to children has been the most successful project because they have less objections in the mind than adults.


I believe healing is a whole family job. Remedies never stick the moment we are back with our families.  We are all woven together as a hologram. When loss occurs as a death in family it leaves a hole in the entire unit. Same happens when one member has chronic illness and yes, financial loss.  

Sound therapy when done on whole family together puts the fragmented pieces back together .


I invite you all to  call us for a treatment.

If you are in health or education profession please call me about training and experiencing the Tibetan Tones Sound Vibration Process. 

Host a singing bowl -gong party at your home, school.

We are available for demonstration in any Physical Therapy or Physicians office.

We have the largest selection of pure tone therapy grade singing bowls.

Transformation happens in an instant. We are all just a frequency away from experiencing PEACE and JOY, not as an emotion but as a state of BEING.

Sacred tones is the new prescription. Become a Sound Yogi today!