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Tibetan Tones Core Module Series 
A profound embrace deep into the emotional physical memory field.

Tibetaan Tones Core Module Therapy

The most powerful form of sound therapy available.  A private session using only Tibetan Tones Spa Grade Therapy bowls performed by certified therapist. 60 minutes of vibratory bliss. 

Group Tibetan Tones meditations . Sonic wave journey.

Sonic Wave Journey

Induced dream state meditation deepens and enhances group therapy sessions by unifying participants in a pain free zone of bliss.  


Laughing Drums

Cathartic enlivening full workout for the heart and every area of the brain. Multi level programs lay out a track for re framing and repatterining emotional response.


Low Density Vibrational Sound

Low deep tone strong vibrational waves move through the body rebuilding bone density, strengthens knees and pituitary gland function.


Stairway to Heaven

Weekly group meeting for sharing through sound.  Exercises to tonify  the body through vibratory and meditation .  Brings a sense of community into your life. 

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