On Line Course -Special Package offer saving  

Includes 3 main bowls needed/ accessories/ and more

Become a Certified Vibrational Sound Practioner

Sound Healing Trainings

Become a TibetanTones Sound Vibration Practitioner

Train in the use of TibetanTones therapy grade singing bowls/

We welcome the massage therapy community and all who wish to learn the power of sound therapy with use of the highest quality singing bowls in the world.

TibetanTones® Massage designed for use in all therapeutic fields.

TibetanTones® Meditations designed to inspire and rejuvinate the corporate and business communities

This is a whole new concept in health and well being. The power of sound as waves of harmonics, microtones and pure tones administered in a process designed for a positive predictable outcome. Become a TibetanTones® Yogi . Ride the edge and BE the change. We are all but a frequency away from unity, wellness and PEACE.



Trainings for School classes in Sound meditation for children from Sonic Wellness.

Special offer for healers

TibetanTones corporate programs. Let our trained practitioners help you be the vibrant unified creative organization of the NOW.

Tibetan Tones Singing Bowls create Holistic Sound Spectrum Environments. Gong Yoga and Sound Meditation .


Let our trained qualified sound practitioners help you design the right sound spectrum in using TibetanTones singing bowls for your yoga studio, home, office or school.

Once you have experienced the miracle of a properly designed sound spectrum you are in TONE, balanced with new sense of well being.