Sound Theray Certification, Oct. 1 – 2, 2016 @ YoGanesh, NYC

This is a one time opportunity to learn vibrational sound therapy from the master, Manan Sharma.

Singing Bowl Sound Therapy Certification

October 1 & 2, 2016 .10 am to 6pm at the exquisite NYC YoGanesh Yoga Studio in the heart of Chelsea. A 2-day training workshop with India's First Master and Creator of hand hammered THERAPY grade singing bowls. Learn the art of using these complex interweaving double tones, rich in harmonics, specially designed by Manan Sharman and his team of expert artisans. Never before has this class been offered in the USA.

FIRST TIME OPPORTUNITY Manan Sharma is coming to NYC to personally give thic certification class in the use of his latest line of THERAPY GRADE Tibetan singing bowls.

We welcome the YOGA community

We welcome the Medical community

We welcome all who want to experience the prescription of the NOW.

SOUND VIBRATION THERAPY with Shamanic brass singing bowl practice.